Subsidized Rental Housing Profile

The WCRER is currently completing an inventory of the supply of subsidized rental housing in cities with populations greater than 10,000 as well as all counties in Washington. The focus is on the supply of subsidized rental housing; hence, the inventory seeks to list units in projects that receive subsidies as distinct from units rented by households who receive demand-side subsidies (such as housing vouchers). This inventory will include summary information for cities and counties of rental housing subsidized by the following sources:

  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development: including units funded by Sections 8, 202, 221, 236, and 818, as well as other project-based subsidies provided by HUD
  • US Department of Agricultural Rural Housing Service: including units subsidized by Sections 514, 515, and 538
  • Washington State Department of Commerce: including units subsidized by the Multi-Family Property Tax Exemption Program and the Housing Trust Fund
  • Washington State Housing Finance Commission: including units subsidized by Low Income Housing Tax Credits and bond programs

In addition to the city- and county-level summaries, we plan to provide property-level reports by city and county.

The reports will identify properties receiving subsidies from more than one source.

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