Rental Markets

Offering greater flexibility and requiring less of a financial commitment to enter the market than homeownership, rental housing is a vital part of the housing mix for most communities. The range of rental housing options span low income and affordable housing, middle income housing, and housing catering to high earning professionals. The dynamics and diversity of rental housing markets make them difficult to adequately assess and analyze.

To assist the efforts of communities to examine all aspects of the housing market, market rate rental housing data for counties outside the Puget Sound region has been provided under the Rental Markets link. Data is limited to those cities with an adequate number of multifamily housing developments with 20 or more units within a single complex. Information on rents and vacancies by unit type is sourced from a twice-yearly survey of multifamily properties outside of the Puget Sound region that has been carried out by the WCRER since 1995. A listing of subsidized and restricted multifamily developments is also being compiled. A survey of rental properties throughout the state and including the Puget Sound region is part of the second report in this series. The second report will also include information on income restricted, subsidized, and cohort restricted rental units throughout the State of Washington. 

Rental Housing Data Sheet